Departure Control System

VespA DCS (VDCS) is an advanced Departure Control System designed specifically for the Low Cost Carrier, Private Terminal and point-to-point (charter) airline market. Far cheaper to own and operate than traditional DCS offerings, the solution supports both fixed wing and helicopter flights.

With its intuitive, easy to operate Windows graphical interface, VespA DCS is significantly reducing staff training times, reducing check-in errors and passenger handling costs.

Built from the ground up working with handling agents the system is designed to operate from a user perspective. Simplifying the process where possible, we use technology to identify the passenger rather than the traditional agent inputting the data and selecting the passenger. Typical check-in can be carried out in seconds with the agent just having to swipe the passport at Check-in to locate the passenger, we then perform validation and check passport expiry and other system checks. With this, VespA DCS not only simplifies and reduces agent error, it also allows passenger check-in to happen in seconds rather than minutes that some traditional systems require.

The solution also brings in support for standard windows printers and receipt printers, significantly reducing the cost of hardware required to run the solution. Other options including Mobile devices and scanners, Kiosks and Weigh Scale integration are supported.

Read how ESP's VDCS helped Inflite Executive Jet Centre at Stansted Airport achieve a remarkable average check-in speed of just 15 seconds!