Passenger Validation

VespA Scan provides 2D Barcode Validation for IATA compliant Bar Coded Boarding Pass (BCBP).

With the introduction of home printed boarding passes, mobile phone check-in it is necessary for an airport to validate each passengers boarding pass before allowing them to enter airside. The IATA BCBP standard allows for the checking of the passenger boarding card by scanning the 2D barcode on the document, which can be checked for correctness. It also can help prevent human error, both with the passenger and staff by validating items such as trying to travel on the wrong date, or enter through the wrong security area for the flight.

Securing your airport

VespA Scan in its simplest form is designed to be deployed at airport security checkpoints to validate that each passenger is permitted into the departure gate area. The system can be operated by staff, or installed with automated barriers for passengers to scan directly. The solution can also be applied to other functions including gathering passenger statistics for the airport, passenger tracking, or passenger way-finding.

Management Reporting

VespA Scan collects valuable information for the airport which can be used to better understand passenger flow. Data is held so reports can be produced including such items as number of passengers on each flight profile of passenger throughput, average time passenger is airside. A web client can also be used for gate staff to query if a missing passenger has been seen at security, valuable information to determine if a passenger may make their flight.

Summary of Features