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Any multi-national support contract presents many challenges that relate to time-zones, currency, culture and particularly language. ESP successfully addresses these challenges by acting as a single point of contact for all activity, presenting a consistent face to our customers, a uniform level of service and blended global pricing.

ESP is known for delivering an unswervingly high level of service at key locations in over 110 countries, using a combination of direct employees and like-minded Global Service Network partners. We retain the service management and by acting as a single point of contact you don’t need to co-ordinate multiple suppliers. Time zone and cultural challenges are handled by the presence of Operations Centres in Hong Kong, UK, Trinidad and Mexico. Service delivery management is always available in your working day, wherever that may be.

The epicentre of ESP’s operation is our IT Service Desk, located at our headquarters in the UK. The Service Desk is the primary point of contact for all clients and runs a toolset that is internally supported, process–led and ITIL-compliant. It can be completely customised according to your work-flow requirements, any aspect of your contract can be reported on in your preferred format and it can even be linked directly to your own system, allowing the seamless flow of data.

Key to the visibility of our service activity is ESP’s Service Observation Centre (SOC) which makes it possible to see and monitor data specific to any location or contract where we provide service. The SOC is visible throughout our Service Desk, Service Management areas and key regional locations. In cases where remote monitoring and management tools are utilised, the SOC identifies and enables the resolution of faults, often even before you are aware of the problem.

ESP designs and implements each solution to meet the particular needs of our clients. Scalability, flexibility and reliability are hallmarks of our services.

“After an intensive RFP process, we awarded the support of a large proportion of our Global Desktop inventory to ESP following a long-standing relationship in the UK. We have extended the contract, to now provide services in 45 countries. Our experience is that ESP's combination of their own highly skilled and motivated workforce coupled with a reliable and flexible Partner network enables them to provide quality services on truly global scale. They have a set of processes and tools underpinning the operation that provide consistency of service and performance but do not inhibit their agility and adaptability. This can do/will do attitude is part of ESP's DNA and a major contributor to why we continue to grow our business with the company."

Dave Gray, Supplier Relationship Manager for SITA