Hosting Solutions

ESP  delivers tailored IT support and infrastructure solutions for global organisations irrespective of their location.  Since the company was founded in 1992, it has added value to its clients by proactively ensuring that critical IT systems are kept up and running throughout the world, 24/7.

Our purpose-built headquarters in the UK boasts specialist infrastructure from which we coordinate a variety of tailored services from a secure environment .

We work with our clients to develop the most appropriate solution , delivering flexibility, quick reaction times and innovation grounded in practical solutions.

ESP’s custom-built headquarters is the epicentre of our global operation with dedicated service desk, datacentre, warehouse, roll-out lab and workshop facilities.

The criticality of ESP’s operation demanded a highly resilient infrastructure to host our systems.

Custom-built to highly resilient standards the current configuration is comprised of self-contained cold isles with cooling provided by dual redundant down flow units with separate refrigerant circuits that provide a full element of redundancy.

Power protection is provided by state of the art dual redundant APC Symmetra UPS each with its own incoming supply to give hours of uptime. This resilience is further supported by a whole-building back up SDMO J300kVA generator to give essentially unlimited run-time.

Data redundancy is provided by two diversely routed fibre feeds, and a dedicated line to a thrid party hosting company providing the capability of off-site backups.

With significant scaling and growth capacity, ESP now provides security and piece of mind to our customers by offering the additional service of rack-space in our datacentre for solutions ranging from secondary disaster recovery contingency to full off-site application hosting.