Managed Service Desk

IT systems are essential to any organisation’s operation so effective support models are of the highest priority. For larger organisations the IT Service Desk is the central cog in the machinery of delivering balance between operational stability and cost of delivery.

As a specialist IT Support Company, ESP effectively runs a Managed Service Desk and first line support function for key organisations that demonstrates the flexibility, focus and commitment for which we and our solutions are renowned. It is the epitome of flexible simplicity.

The entire solution is hosted on ESP’s highly customisable software system, The flexibility of the product allows us to deliver solutions very quickly, with the added benefit of ‘own-brand’ customisation so it looks like one of our customer’s internal systems.

We retain the management of the system, but the operation of the Desk can be carried out remotely at our Global Headquarters, on the customer’s own site, or most effectively as a combination of the two. Going back again to the objective of balancing a stable and effective solution with the cost of running the Desk, a smaller team can be located on site during normal working hours and then out of hours, or when the call flow exceeds the capacity of the Desk, the calls are seamlessly directed to our IT Service Desk.

The result is a highly visible, exceptionally cost-effective, own-brand, in-house IT Service Management capability without prohibitive management overheads nor the monetary and time investment required to manage technology and people. In a nutshell, the best of all worlds!

It is ESP’s customer-centric philosophy that inspired the name of the tailorable product, The solution’s structured flexibility enables us to build effective management systems that meet the best practice objectives for each of our customer, offering excellent monitoring, evaluation and measurement capabilities.