Remote Backup

ESP’s Remote Backup service is based on an industry-renowned disk-based recovery product called Backup Manager that simplifies the process of obtaining reliable and safe backups.  As a disk-based solution it provides single-snapshot backup and recovery in a cost effective and easy to manage package and when compared to tape solutions of a comparable cost offers quite frankly remarkable data recovery speed.  The reliability of the backup is then further protected by taking an off-line copy and storing it offsite.

All backups are initially performed to a dedicated local backup server. It is this server that provides the ability to rapidly restore files. Completing the resilience of the backup, the off-line data is then replicated to a secure storage device located in our Datacentre. By replicating overnight the effect on your internet bandwidth is greatly reduced as the data is copied whilst there is little or no activity.

Backup Manager also provides the ability to perform Bare Metal Recovery (BMR). BMR provides a fast way to recover a crashed server to the same or newer hardware. The product paints a picture of the original drive back onto a new drive and restores the system reducing the potential restore time from as long as 36 hours to as low as a few minutes.

The solution provides complete peace of mind that your critical company data is backed up regularly and held offsite in a secure location. The process is completely automated and all backups are checked daily by our in-house technicians.