Hosted Telephony (VOIP)

As the complete IT service company so valued by our clients, ESP offers a comprehensive suite of managed services.

Traditional telephone systems required significant expenditure on a phone switch and then large on-going line costs for fixed lines. Allowance needed to be made for the maximum expected peak usage with additional capacity under-utilised for the rest of the time.

On even a reasonable Internet connection, ESP’s Hosted Telephony Service removes the need for any legacy fixed line connections and dedicated phone switches and means you only pay for your usage irrespective of the peaks and troughs in your normal working day. Being based on digital Internet technology the user experience is greatly enhanced through HD voice technology and call charges are significantly reduced.

There is a significant saving on call charges, all international calls use the Internet to connect to the destination country and then use local carriers to make the final connection. This is also the case for local, UK National and calls to UK mobiles with call rates much cheaper than that of a standard phone system.

The service offers various feature packages that include licenses for standard office users who just need to answer a call, make a call and transfer a call; licenses that includes voice messaging user and a unique Microsoft Outlook toolbar for immediate management of inbound communication and click to dial through contacts and CRM. There are also licenses for executives and field sales who would like to answer their DDI on multiple mobile devices on both Apple and Android platforms at home or abroad.

Any system change requirements and new users can be added or removed within minutes as all of the configuration is carried out directly on the hosted system by using an online portal. The configuration and setup is all performed by trained personnel within ESP and once changes have been made the effect is immediate.