Airport IT Support

ESP provides rapid response break / fix IT services, working with airlines, airport authorities, common user environment providers, baggage reconciliation providers, travel companies and retail systems providers. We have teams on 15 of the UK’s biggest airports and provide visiting services to 24 others—that’s more than any other support company in the country!

Every airport is airline community-lead to some degree or another and ESP understands this relationship and tailors each solution accordingly. Naturally a model that works well for one airport will not necessarily work well for another and shift patterns need to account not just for the hours of coverage, but also the peaks and troughs of the loading patterns and the geography of the airport. Considerations don't stop there as the demands on contractors to ensure the security and health and safety of those using the airport remain paramount.

Airport service isn’t just about break / fix. What differentiates ESP from our competitors is our unswerving drive to reduce the numbers of in-service failures in the first place. With a carefully managed program of asset control, priority management of workshop repairs, preventative maintenance and trend analysis the numbers of in-service failures can be reduced dramatically. That is less failures to stop the end user from working which generates greater confidence in the systems and gives ESP more time to spend working on other ways to prevent the equipment failing in the first place! The major benefit of this approach is not just happy passengers, but an extension to the life of your equipment and a protection of your initial capital outlay.