An essential component of providing lean service solutions is our specialist Logistics Centre who manage the day to day distribution of spares, customer-owned stock and shipments to support other aspects of the business.

Being an in-house facility means the Centre has a complete understanding of the demand curve of the organisation and the importance of keeping our customer's promises.

ESP’s logistics services are not only available to support our service contracts. There are many scenarios where these services can add value to a customer’s existing operations.

Depot Services

Particularly for contracts with an international spread, there is quite often a requirement to locate spares pools at convenient locations around the world. ESP can store significant customer-owned spares holdings, charging only a nominal fee for storage, and then further only on equipment movements.

New Equipment Distribution

Often customers do not have access to significant secure storage on their own premises, but might want to benefit from the discounts associated with volume purchases. Similarly to the depot services ESP can take delivery of the equipment, charge a nominal fee for storage and then separately for each equipment movement to anywhere in the world.

Warranty Repair

Having direct relationships with most major hardware vendors, we can take on the warranty replacement chain as a part of our regular service duties. In addition, being at the forefront of the ATI industry also means we can administer the warranty of many items directly as agents of the manufacturer.