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Avis Budget Group

ESP helps Avis Budget Group get its IT back on the road

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Our client

Avis Budget Group is a leading provider of rental vehicle solutions in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. It operates the brands Avis, Budget and Zipcar in more than 180 countries altogether, with licensees around the world taking care of the day-to-day running of each brand’s global branches. The company has local and head offices throughout Europe.

Our client’s challenge

Before Avis Budget Group brought ESP on board, the company’s IT system support service was not working as the business needed. It was a challenge to provide reliable coverage for the company’s 800+ rental stations around Europe, and often rental stations would have equipment out of service for extended durations taking much needed counters out of action. When they did get service, there was an inconsistency of service between different locations and countries.

ESP’s bespoke IT solution

We proposed providing a fully managed service through us as a single service provider, which would ensure that all Avis Budget Group’s European locations and countries of operation would receive reliable coverage, and that processes would be consistent across all of them. We set service level agreements (SLAs) based on the company’s business criteria, and improved the availability of IT services to its rental stations, which meant that they could increase trading volume without lengthy and unnecessary disruptions. Our team enhanced the user experience so that, whenever a member of staff reported an IT problem, ESP’s engineers could resolve it through a mixture of phone-based support and on-site services. Ultimately, we assisted IT enablement for Avis Budget Group by improving its IT services and processes in line with the needs of its multiple European locations.

Another great outcome

ESP has been providing field services to Avis Budget Group for two years. The first year was deemed a success, and the second year even more so – with services now being delivered across all countries (including additional countries, such as Poland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark) and improvements having been made to the quality, response speed and breadth of the services we have available. By improving station availability, we helped the company increase its revenue across its European locations. We have received excellent feedback from the UK and Europe directors of Avis Budget Group.

If you would like to find out more about our field services or our work with Avis Budget Group, contact us at ESP today.

The result

Avis Budget Group can quickly access the IT support it needs across its European locations.

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