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Birmingham Airport

ESP helps Birmingham Airport introduce eScan

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Our client

Birmingham Airport provides both domestic and international flights for more than 10 million passengers per year. As such, it is a key transport link for the Midlands. Here at ESP, we have helped Birmingham Airport streamline its IT processes with bespoke airport solutions.

Our client’s challenge

Nowadays, passengers are able to print their boarding passes at home or check in via their mobile phone before they arrive at the airport. While this is an ideal solution for improving efficiency and reducing passengers’ queuing times, it also means that airports now have to validate boarding passes before allowing passengers to enter the airside area. Under the International Air Transport Association (IATA) standard, BCBPs can be checked for validity by scanning the 2D barcode – preventing human error (in passengers and staff) by making it clear when passengers are trying to travel on the wrong date or are attempting to enter a security area that they are not allowed in. As such, Birmingham Airport needed a scanning solution that would enable staff to validate passengers’ BCBPs accurately and efficiently.

ESP’s bespoke IT solution

We have introduced eScan at the entrance of Birmingham Airport’s security search areas, so that staff can quickly and efficiently scan the 2D barcodes of passengers’ boarding passes – checking that they are on the correct flight for that day, and are permitted to enter the airside area at that time. eScan also tells staff if the pass has already been scanned, as, in the past, passengers have printed their boarding passes twice (at home) to try and gain access to the airport’s facilities, even when they are not travelling. The simple-to-use eScan interface provides staff with a clear message – either ‘OK’ or ‘NOT OK’ – so that they can instantly identify potentially invalid boarding passes, as well as details of any issues found.

We have integrated eScan with Birmingham Airport’s automated Kaba and Gunnebo gates, so that passengers will be able to self-scan their boarding passes – further enhancing the efficiency of the airport’s security processes. In addition to this, eScan has optional hardware installed that can be employed at passenger tracking points (e.g. airside retail and security areas), so that the airport can display real-time information about queuing times and more.

Another great outcome

This is not the first time ESP has helped Birmingham Airport with a bespoke IT solution. We also provided on-site services to help the organisation implement a single support model – including solutions for its check-in desks, self-service kiosks and flight information displays. Just as with our on-site services, Birmingham Airport is happy with ESP’s eScan solution, and agrees that it is a cost-effective option that enables it to strengthen its security processes.

To find out more about eScan or our work with Birmingham Airport, contact us at ESP today.

The result

Boarding passes can now be checked faster and more securely.

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