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Case Study

Stefanini and a global retail customer

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Stefanini is a global company with over 30 years of experience in the market. They offer a robust selection of services including application development & maintenance, digital workplace services, systems integration and cybersecurity.

Our client

For this project, Stefanini partnered with ESP to deliver remote technical support services to its global retail customer. The customer has a significant international footprint, ESP completes the support offering by covering the countries where Stefanini is not present. We cover the customer’s operations in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region with service desk and on-site engineer support.

The retail client has a strong presence across the world with many high street stores. Whenever the retail client has a problem, it raises a ticket to Stefanini, a team is dispatched and sent based on the agreed SLAs.

ESP provides multi-layer support to the end customer beginning at the service desk, which then dispatches on-site engineers to assist with any problems that cannot be solved remotely.

ESP fully integrates with the end customer when on site, seamlessly adapting to their trademark culture and acting as an extended member of the team.

Our client’s challenge

For a customer with such an extensive store footprint, the Covid-19 pandemic posed several challenges. Over the past year, worldwide lockdowns restricted the movement of people, and in some countries, stores were temporarily closed to help contain the spread of the virus.

As this customer was already planning to increase its focus on digital sales, the pandemic accelerated the process, requiring all levels of support to the company to adapt, including IT.

“Digital is the future, and the customer was already developing a plan to migrate towards digital,” Costin Andrei, EMEA Retail Service Delivery Manager at Stefanini, says.

ESP’s bespoke IT solution

The retail customer has always been flexible in their approach to store set up and easily adapts to new challenges. ESP and Stefanini already have lasting experience supporting this.

With a presence in many countries, no two of which are the same, the support provided must adapt as required to meet the demands of the different stores and offices.

Flexibility is at the core of the support delivered, and it is provided remotely so an increased dependence on remote service was not a new challenge for ESP.

While the client responded proactively to the pandemic, the scale of the outbreak and the international response has inevitably meant that the way of working has been impacted.

“The contract covers so many territories, and even each city in some cases is deciding its own approach to COVID and the extent of its own closures,” Costin added.

The support between Stefanini and ESP and the customer has changed to some extent, mainly because of the travel restrictions. Up until COVID, the customer had a team of two engineers in charge of creating and building new stores. When they were moving a store, they travelled across Europe and would work there for a couple of days and make sure that everything was installed.

“As soon as the restrictions came in, of course we could no longer send them over there, so we started to respond with local engineers that could be dispatched to that site. In February 2021, we took over 16 client's stores, out of which 13 were in partnership with ESP,” concludes Costin.

This was a way in which the work adapted to meet these new requirements. We continued with the same service while ensuring that local restrictions were adhered to.

ESP’s Service Delivery Manager, Mohinder Khurl adds, “Throughout the pandemic, we had to adapt to this customer’s situation, we were flexible and agile enough to swiftly respond to their requirement to meet the SLAs, whilst ensuring both the end user and our engineering teams operate in a safe working environment.”

Another great outcome

By having such an established support structure in place with both Stefanini and the end customer, ESP was able to adapt to the challenges that were posed by the pandemic.

We were already integrated into the culture of the company, and our close relationship with the customer and existing understanding of their processes, allowed us to easily adapt to new requirements as they arose.


The result

A transition to a digital focus requires robust IT support, so we will continue to support any development we can.

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