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Case study - Charity

ESP supports UK hospice charity in adapting to home working in light of COVID-19 pandemic

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The charity offers support and care for individuals and families affected by terminal illness. It has operational staff across the UK, and helps thousands of people. Every element of their operations relies on the reliability of their IT infrastructure, so they needed a like-minded IT partner to help them achieve their overall vision. ESP is a perfect fit because their staff are incredibly passionate about what they do.

Our client

We have been providing the charity with a full IT service desk solution since 2017 for every part of their estate, handling 44,000 tickets per
year. We deliver support in three ways:

  1. remote support through our IT service desk, accessible 24/7;
  2. on-site end user support; and
  3. technical advisory services.

Our services are delivered by our country-wide engineering team.

On-site end-user support visits have been highly restricted throughout the pandemic, so both the charity and ESP have needed to adapt to work around this, and ensure the levels of service remain unaffected as much as possible.

Our client’s challenge

The charity has a varied workforce including front line nurses, retail staff, fundraisers and support teams including finance, HR and legal, all of which need consistent and uninterrupted access to their IT infrastructure.

The need to continue providing front-line medical support to vulnerable people could have been jeopardised by the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The subsequent restrictions placed on people in March 2020, meant a new way of delivering support to the charity was urgently required.

The charity’s staff had to move straight away to a home working model where possible, and the due to COVID restrictions access to hospices was severely limited. The reliance on technology was increased further to ensure that contact with both patients and family members could still be maintained, including carrying out remote consultations and support sessions online.

ESP’s bespoke IT solution

The transition to remote working had to be delivered seamlessly to ensure that the charity could continue to operate at the same capacity and without interruption. This required the hardware asset management team at ESP to source, stage, configure and distribute extra hardware to all locations, including residential addresses, all the time remaining compliant with COVID restrictions.

Many of the organisation’s employees that were transitioned to remote working had never done so before and needed assistance to help them adjust to this new way of working - this was a new challenge for all parties involved.

“Within five days we went from people working in offices to a significant number wanting a laptop to work from, which was quite something that both we and ESP jointly handled really well, and I was impressed with how we managed it,” the Director of IT at the charity says.

“They helped us out immensely during that period as we all adapted to the new way of working, and a supplier only truly proves themselves in challenging times; it's very easy to provide a good service when everything's working as it should be.”

“I don't think in all honesty we've noticed a change in the level of services since COVID.”

Another great outcome

ESP routinely triages many of our service calls remotely, so we are already well versed in distanced service desk delivery. This was scaled up during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, during which time ESP managed the transition to this enhanced way of remote working.

Throughout this ESP has endeavoured to maintain the same level of service that its customers are used to, while also showing its flexibility and agility in quickly delivering the increased demand for these services in response to the extraordinary circumstances that came to light in 2020.

The result

For nearly three decades ESP Global Services has been providing IT support solutions to companies worldwide, be it day-to-day on-site support, service desk coordination, or system installation and integration for a range of industries. This has given us the ability, agility and mobility to place engineers where you need them, when you need them.

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