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Inflite Executive Jet Centre

ESP implements its eDCS solution for the Inflite Executive Jet Centre at Stansted Airport

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Our client

The Inflite Executive Jet Centre at London Stansted Airport is a fixed-base operator that provides private air travellers with exclusive lounges, high-end cuisine and exemplary customer service while their aircraft are being refuelled or serviced.

Our client’s challenge

The centre’s old check-in process involved manually identifying each passenger as they presented their passport. Our client wanted to minimise the time it takes to check in each of their clients by introducing an automated process, with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction. They had not been able to find an adequate solution on the market, so asked ESP to help them create and implement a reliable automated check-in solution.

ESP’s bespoke IT solution

ESP proposed implementing our tailored eDCS solution that would streamline the check-in process, and thus make it quicker. We provided passport scanners and printers for the staff to use, and connected the airport’s systems to our specialist software. As well as checking the passenger’s identity, the software also ensures that the passport is valid.

This enables staff to easily set up a new flight account and import booked passengers into it, meaning that, when the passenger presents their passport, they are automatically matched against the booking. Once identified, the passenger is presented with their boarding pass.

The check-in process at the Inflite Executive Jet Centre now takes about 15 seconds, which, during busy periods, amounts to significant time savings. The software also helps airport staff by storing passengers’ passport information to produce the manifest document and General Aviation Report (GAR) for the flight.

Another great outcome

Penny Stephens, Director at the Inflite Executive Jet Centre, said: "Thanks to the new check-in system our process of gathering passport information from passengers is more professional and customer friendly. It has been met with enthusiasm from our customers, which was the aim of the project."

To find out more about ESP’s eDCS solution, or our work with the Inflite Executive Jet Centre, contact us today.

The result

Check-in time reduced to about 15 seconds.

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