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International organisations

For international organisations that need consistent IT services across all their locations

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We deliver expert IT support to organisations that have multiple sites – helping them streamline and coordinate their global IT operations wherever they might be. The world is better connected than ever before, and our integrated IT strategies and support services can help organisations boost efficiency and secure profits. Our specialist offering for international organisations has been honed from 25 years’ experience providing bespoke IT support to the high-demand global aviation industry. We ensure consistent service levels across all locations, reducing the risk of revenue loss due to downtime.

  • Global reach, local feel

    We understand global service. Each of your locations will receive a service that considers that area’s language, culture, time zone and currency. To enable us to offer this, our operational centres around the world work in harmony with our IT service delivery teams at our HQ in the UK.

  • Consistent service and pricing

    You’ll receive the level of service and harmonised pricing that you need across all your international locations. This is because, whichever location you’re in, one of our operational centres is on hand – able to provide you with a local service, with efficiency and pricing to match.

  • Visibility of your contracts

    We can provide you with month-on-month, year-on-year and contract-to-contract visibility, giving you total confidence that you are receiving the service you want. Our engineers are equipped with mobile applications and portals that provide them with real-time access to our service management systems and contract handbooks.

  • Quick responses to issues

    We monitor your contract throughout the working day, taking into account the time zone you’re operating within, so that we can send out an engineer without delay if there is an issue. Our service level agreements are fully tailored to the needs of your local offices.

Who we work with

We work with a wide range of organisations to create, manage and deliver specialist IT services and solutions that will facilitate international operations. The types of companies we work with include:

IT outsourcers

Systems integrators

Global airlines

Global businesses

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