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Blog - ESP excited about new opportunities in 2020 for game-changing IT solutions


Andy Wilson, Director of Aviation Services, outlines ESP’s approach to ever-evolving aviation IT services market

With ever-increasing numbers of travellers now transiting through airports, the demand on operators to introduce new methods of ensuring speedy passenger flow is paramount.

Balancing this increase in passenger numbers with minimising their airport transit time - from check-in, security to boarding - requires the continuous introduction of new technologies that focus less on manual identity checks, and more on the collection of unique biometric identifiers.

These identifiers – such as fingerprints and facial recognition – reduce the frequency that a passenger’s ID needs to be checked, while the automation of these metrics greatly speeds the checks that are required.

It is therefore critical that when a fault in these various automated systems is encountered they are resolved quickly and efficiently, ensuring that restrictions on the passenger flow are minimised and airport operations are not affected.


Scaling to each airport’s needs

In light of these requirements, we at ESP have a programme of continuous innovation and development that focuses on simplifying and expediting the process of recording faults, the dispatch of the most appropriate engineer, the resolution of the fault, and the subsequent reporting of trends that may impact equipment in the future.

ESP delivers a uniform, yet scalable capability that is tailored to each individual customer,  delivering operational efficiencies through our extensive and proven aviation IT services toolset.

Leveraging decades of experience in offering this service as well as our international footprint means that we can respond to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wherever they are located. Moreover, we support multiple systems across an airport, with teams focused on primary systems that can support the less critical systems during quieter periods. 


Disruptive tech

We combine this experience with a continuous appetite for introducing disruptive technologies, and are always looking for new ways to apply these to our existing services,ensuring that we are moving with our customers, speeding up our response times, and providing as little impact to the passenger experience as possible.  

With extremely tight fault response and resolution times, pressure is on the airport user to log the issue as quickly as possible, so we have developed a number of solutions to greatly simplify the logging of faults, and the latest implementation of that is our ESP Self-Service app.

This delivers efficient fault logging and intelligent engineer deployment, minimising the time it takes to log the issue and for us to respond to and resolve any issues. This purpose-written mobile app advances the capabilities offered by our existing desktop version of the software, allowing airport staff on the move to easily scan barcodes on faulty equipment and pass asset and location information through automatically, leaving a simple selection of common faults from a drop-down list.

Our Airport Data Analytics (ADA) tool, meanwhile, delivers real-time analytics and reporting to ensure that customers receive up-to-date and relevant information about the service history of their site, the performance of the airport equipment, and any emerging patterns that could be used to further reduce the reoccurrence of faults.

Both of these systems were officially introduced to the Asia-Pacific market at the Future Travel Experience (FTE) Asia Expo that took place in Singapore in November 2019, during which ESP met with existing and potential customers to discuss how our services could enhance their products in return.


Looking forward

ESP is now looking forward to showcasing our innovations in Self-Service and ADA during the Passenger Terminal Expo that will take place in Paris in March 2020, a show that is one of the highlights of the company’s calendar.

In 2020 we will also be exhibiting at FTE Global that is taking place in Las Vegas in the United States in September, as well as  FTE Asia in Singapore in November. 

With a traditional focus on the European market, we are now expanding our IT aviation support services into new regions. This will be a multilateral expansion into North America, South East Asia and Australasia, as well as further development into our established European markets.

We are excited for what 2020 will bring and to show our new and existing customers the investments ESP has made and how we are responding to emerging aviation challenges.

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