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ESP welcomes Jim Walsby


We are delighted to announce that Jim Walsby has joined ESP as Sales Director, responsible for the regional sales teams that are driving the company’s growth across the globe. We asked Jim a few questions about his first impressions on joining ESP Global Services.


Q: Why did you want to Join ESP?

A: This was an easy decision for me as I had previously been an ESP customer. For much of my career I have worked for global service providers, a number of whom subcontracted services to ESP. I was always impressed with the coverage, flexibility and the tools which capture the key metrics, because it’s quite hard to find a provider that can give you globally consistent reporting so you can understand the trends across all regions.


Q: Is there anything you have found that you weren’t expecting?

A: I assumed that using industry leading standard tools like ServiceNow, Nexthink and Airwatch would mean service options were tightly boxed and limited. In fact it’s the opposite. The tools give a level of control which allow services to be easily customised and bespoked. The conversation is more often about what the client actually needs and not what we can offer off the shelf.


Q: ESP has sometimes been called a ‘best kept secret’, will this change?

A: When you are proud of something, you want everyone to know about it. At ESP that is not always possible because we often deliver ‘white label services’ on behalf of an outsourcer, service integrator or manufacturer. We take our clients privacy seriously and our anonymity is part of that. Knowing we help household names achieve their service obligations brings a more quiet sense of pride.


Q: What direction do you see ESP taking over the next few years?

A: ESP originated from the demanding world of the Aviation Industry, providing customer focussed technicians in over 250 airports globally. ESP understand how to provide exceptional service in demanding locations, achieving strict SLAs, while adhering to rigid security protocols. This model applies equally well to the Enterprise and End User Computing side of the business and has served ESP well in growing this to be its largest division. We will always continue to drive the aviation business, but inevitably our biggest area of expansion is the Global Managed Services that are currently provided across the globe for many household names.


Q: What are the values that best represent ESP?

A: That’s simple, ‘exceptional customer service’. We often work as an extension of a company’s own IT function, adding scale and coverage either as part of their team or by taking complete responsibility. When you represent a third party, your actions directly affect that company’s clients and users, so you must always act knowing that you are a vital part of their reputation.


Q: Which Regions will see the most change in 2018?

A: Our direct service coverage in APAC, EMEA, LATAM and the Caribbean is extremely comprehensive. We will continue to enhance support in North America, Australasia and the Nordics, as those regions show strong growth potential. We strive to deliver consistent service to our customers wherever in the world they have their offices.


Q: Does Brexit pose any challenges?

A: Some years ago, the decision was made to grow our own network of regional offices and direct staff. We gained the reputation of being a global company that delivered locally. We understand the challenges of language, culture, time zone and currency, so we are well placed to continue consistent operations in a post Brexit world. Our global HQ may be in the UK, but our regional offices and staff are spread across US, EMEA, APAC and LATAM.


Q: To end our interview, can you share a few interesting facts that you have found in your first weeks?

A: I have been surprised by the variety of services we provided to clients in all sectors, but we have some truly interesting service facts such as how our web based training means every member of staff has already undergone GDPR training. Or, the fact that 70% of all passengers flying out of the UK are touched by the equipment we support. We have so many fascinating facts that we are going to have a ‘did you know’ section on our website – so please come back and have a look.

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