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Spares, repairs and logistics

Global just-in-time logistics services for your company, wherever you’re based

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We don’t just provide you with bespoke IT services and innovative solutions; behind the scenes, we ensure that your contracts are functioning smoothly and maximising value to your organisation. A big part of this involves delivering spares, repairs and logistics support.

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Our spares, repairs and logistics centre

To ensure you get the spares you need, exactly when you need them, we’ve developed a specialist spares, repairs and logistics centre at our UK HQ, and have strategically placed depots located around the world. This enables us to coordinate our global product stocks and deliver intelligent end-to-end IT hardware lifecycle management to keep you up and running.

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Consistent service, wherever you are

Our global services are seamlessly coordinated. So, if you’re in need of a spare, our team will either send it from our central warehouse in the UK, or from one of our strategically located international depots – whichever option will get it to you quickest. We even have specialist expeditors on hand to ensure your specific import requirements are always taken into account.

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Reducing costs, boosting efficiency

Our in-house workshop centre enables us to accurately determine the number of spares we need to hold for you at any one time, ensuring cost-efficiency and reducing waste. Working alongside our service desk, the workshop team manages all aspects of our end-to-end spares resourcing, including lifecycle factors like procurement, remarketing and disposal.

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