ESP helps Atos with its deployment programme for a global chemicals company

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Our client

A fully managed, regionalised, single point of contact project coordination service

ATOS’ client operates in more than 80 countries and employs 100,000 people. Atos was in charge of a global deployment programme for their customer, which involved 100,000 new user devices (laptops, PCs and tablets). It enlisted ESP’s professional services at a crucial stage in the programme.

Their challenge

ESP works in partnership with some of the world's largest SI's

The deployment programme was highly complex with a requirement for thousands of devices to be installed simultaneously across their global locations. They required a team of dedicated project managers who had access to teams of experienced implementation engineers in all locations across the globe.

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To help Atos meet its targets, we provided a fully managed, regionalised, single point of contact, project coordination service, to ensure that every engineer at the multiple locations around the world knew exactly what they should be doing at each stage.

We also delivered full country and location coverage (tailored to the local requirements of each site).

Another great outcome

Contributed to the success of Atos’ deployment activities across all their locations

We have complemented Atos’ processes by scheduling deployments and allocating effective resources, both at the planning, organisation and delivery phases.

Case Study: ESP helps Atos with deployment programme for a global chemicals company

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