ESP helps Cognizant by providing on-site support across a global news and culture publisher’s global locations

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Our client

On-site and field engineer support requirements

Our client, Cognizant, provides IT and business process services to companies around the world. Cognizant hosts and delivers back office systems for their customer – a global news and culture publisher based in the US.

Cognizant asked ESP to help it support their customer’s key locations in London and New York with on-site services, and provide field services to its other offices in the US. In total their end-users operate some 5,000 Mac devices and 7,000 Windows PCs, spread across its multiple global locations.

Their challenges

Lower costs and improve the end user experience

Before enlisting the help of Cognizant, their customer was handling its IT management in-house. It had a team of highly experienced staff, but they wanted to implement a more flexible solution. As a result, they decided to outsource their IT to Cognizant, who then turned to us for end-user computing support – with the aim of lowering costs and improving the end-user experience.

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On-site services

We proposed on-site services that covered the provision of campus and deskside support, break/fix, and Installation, Move, Add, Change and Disposal (IMACD). We suggested that this could be delivered in three main ways at each site, depending on the specific site’s user count and IT functionality. These are, by having a kiosk where users can bring their faulty IT devices for repair by the resident technician; by having an IT service management (ITSM) system that users can submit tickets to, which the resident technician will respond to; and by having experienced field technicians employed at the various sites to deliver IT support.

We provide a full IT support service, covering their systems from 8am until 6pm (local time), Monday to Friday. This includes dispatch support (where we offer a one-hour online response time and next-day resolution of IT issues) and dedicated support (which offers an online/phone response within 30 minutes and resolution within four hours). The customer has taken responsibility for the spares, storage and logistics provision.

ESP Case Study: Cognizant global IT support services

Another great outcome

Flexible solutions from ESP

Cognizant and their customer are delighted to have achieved their aim of reducing costs and improving their user experience.

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