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ESP global aviation industry IT support

The Airport

Round-the-clock landside and airside engineering teams

For over three decades, ESP has provided IT services at Heathrow Airport. We have grown our presence in the airport to a large team of engineers across the full campus supporting customer equipment from curbside to airside.

Today, across all terminals we support the airport’s self-service check-in (CUSS) and self bag-drop (SSBD) technologies, corporate back-office devices, baggage reconciliation system (BRS), immigration e-gates, retail EPOS and project services for new installs/deinstalls.


ESP global IT support

15-minute break to fix

Our round-the-clock engineering teams have all the appropriate landside/airside security clearance as well as extensive knowledge and skill sets on a wide range of time-critical passenger processing equipment.

Some of the critical technologies have service levels as low as 15-minute break to fix. ESP's services ensure long-term equipment longevity and service uptime for our customers by maintaining their equipment proactively and reactively.

With 30 years of experience in the aviation industry, not only do we have the best-in-market teams to support the equipment, but we have also developed back-end systems and infrastructure to enable efficiency and automation.

As a result of our e-bonding solutions, we provide seamless ticket logging processes, starting from customer systems to the engineers’ mobile applications, all underpinned by ITIL-aligned service delivery processes.

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Passenger journey improvements

Furthermore, we have developed processes, applications, and systems that help our customers predict trends, behaviour, and common faults.

Our Advanced Data Analytics (ADA) visualises equipment problems within a location and identifies the root cause of fault trends. The data presented by ADA is used to improve airport operations, ensure shift patterns meet demand and direct engineers to locations where additional preventative maintenance would help reduce incidents on specific pieces of hardware. As a result of foreseeing call volumes across the time of day and week, we can place our engineering teams in the optimal locations to meet the needs of our customers and improve service levels at the same time.

To further enhance our ability to provide the best possible service, we utilise ESP Help which was designed to allow quick and easy fault reporting via an embedded app for a number of airport systems. When a support issue needs raising, the app enables airport employees to log a ticket and request an engineer instantly – this improves response and recovery time, and therefore passenger experience.

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Flexible IT support models

We have teams located in airports to provide our customers with the solutions they need according to their individual needs. From dedicated teams for high availability, short SLA contracts, to leveraged teams that enable cost-effective solutions for low availability systems, we are flexible enough to provide a customer-centric service.

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