ESP install and maintain biometric self-boarding gates at JFK T5

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What we did

ESP is delighted to support our customers with their transitions as the aviation industry adapts to the advances in aviation technology

Biometric self-boarding gates are installed within an airport at the point where passengers are ready to board. Traditionally, domestic passengers would present their boarding cards to an agent for a final check before embarkation. This hardware is installed at that same point of contact, but now allows passengers to scan their passes for themselves, reducing staffing costs, speeding the boarding process and catering to the new contactless way forward.

International flight passengers have their faces scanned by the biometric hardware, while domestic flight passengers scan their boarding cards. If everything is correct and approved such as face matches with the CBP database and correct flight numbers, the gate opens. If there is a problem or error the passenger is then directed to see an agent. See the solution +

The challenge

ESP IT support services

Trusted support partner to facilitate installation project

One of our clients at JFK airport was looking to install 100 self-boarding gates in an effort to reduce costs and streamline a seamless, contactless, passenger journey facing the next evolution of changes in the aviation industry. We provided a team of reliable, security cleared, experienced staff to meet the staffing requirements required to facilitate this project.

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The solution

Offering flexible and custom packages

With the customer providing necessary access, permits, and procedures, ESP’s experienced engineers supported the airline with the project from delivery, assembly, and installation, straight through to testing, go live, and in-service support.

ESP supports JFK airport IT services by installing self-boarding gates

The outcome

Consistent services across the globe

Our engineers worked diligently with the client to move the hardware to its final location, unpack the equipment and dispose of packaging, check for any cosmetic issues, build the gate per manufacturer instructions, connect the hardware to power and network, provide workstation and peripheral updates, commission and test, prepare operational handoff, provide enhanced support for go live and offer 24/7 operational support.

"With a traditional focus on the European market, we are now expanding our IT aviation support services into new regions. This will be a multilateral expansion into North America, South East Asia and Australasia, as well as further development into our established European markets."

Andy Wilson, Director of Aviation Services, ESP

Our experience

A winning ability and willingness to adapt in exceptional times

ESP is delighted to support our customers with their transitions as the aviation industry adapts to the evolving travel processes. We’re proud to be able to offer flexible solutions that match the ever-changing climate, and we look forward to deploying and supporting new technology in other airports.

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