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ESP cements its presence in the US


ESP Growth

Our capabilities and the scope of our projects in the US are developing rapidly

It has been three years since ESP started delivering business in the US, and our capabilities and the scope of our projects there are developing rapidly. As such, we felt the time was right to add further credibility by setting up an ESP company in the US – this would enable us to seek more contracts and build our dedicated US workforce.

Our activity levels in the US have expanded significantly in recent years into a steady stream of projects, so we know that our latest programme of expansion will greatly benefit our customers in the US and surrounding areas.

ESP's activity levels in the US have advanced from simply being a satellite location to being a huge potential marketplace for us, for both the IT outsourcers and the aviation market. Our customers who have operations in the US are already delighted with the services they receive there, as we have strategically located engineers and bespoke service delivery management solutions in place. We want to show our customers that we are fully committed to the US market by enhancing, improving and streamlining our offering for them in their US office's local area.


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