Cathay Pacific

ESP helps HP upgrade the end-user computing base for Cathay Pacific


ESP’s professional services

ESP has been chosen to support Hewlett Packard with professional services for Cathay Pacific

We have been asked to refresh the airline’s hardware and update all users to Windows 7 and 8. The deployment project covers 44 countries and about 12,000 users – around 7,000 of which are in Hong Kong. By supporting HP in this ambitious project, we can ensure that Cathay Pacific continues to function smoothly across all its global airport locations while its end-user computing base was refreshed.

This Windows 7/8 project will take just over a year to complete, during which time ESP will place experienced project management teams in the UK and Hong Kong to oversee and coordinate the global project. Our expert engineers will be installing 260 computers per week at Cathay Pacific’s international airport locations – all of which will be constantly monitored, reviewed and coordinated by the ESP team.

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