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ESP receives Cyber Essentials certification


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The safety and security of our customers’ data is our number one priority at ESP

As a global IT support company, we are responsible for a huge amount of customer information and we are truly dedicated to implementing systems that protect it from cyber-crime at all times.

As such, we are thrilled to announce that we have just obtained certification for the Cyber Essentials programme, following an external audit. This is a great achievement and should give our customers even more trust in our abilities to deliver highly secure global IT support.
ESP receives Cyber Essentials certification

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What does our Cyber Essentials certification mean?

Our Cyber Essentials certification demonstrates our commitment to protecting our IT systems from cyber-attack – ultimately, our dedication to keeping your data secure.

ESP has successfully proven that we have the technical tools in place to protect against the most common forms of cyber-attack, including hacking, phishing and password guessing. Nowadays, it is relatively easy for cyber-criminals to carry out these types of attack – with few skills and only widely available tools needed – so we constantly review and update the protections we have in place to ensure that they’re as robust and impenetrable as possible.

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How else do we keep your data safe?

Our Cyber Essentials certification is just one component of our commitment to keeping your data safe. Our data protection strategy encompasses everything from cyber-crime to disaster recovery, with certifications including our ISO 27001 accreditation for information security and ISO 22301 accreditation for business continuity, highlighting our dedication to keeping your data safe. Our recent Cyber Essentials certification is just the start of a much larger internal programme of external security certifications for us.

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