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ESP supports Wipro with managed workforces for global pharmaceutical brands


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Helping Wipro support their customers

ESP has been chosen to implement managed workforces in more than 50 global locations for two global healthcare companies. We are doing so in support of IT company Wipro, which is providing the infrastructure management services for the organisations. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the efficiency, convenience and effectiveness of our managed workforce service, which is specially designed to meet the high demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

Wipro is a global IT, consulting and outsourcing company with huge reach. It operates in 175 different cities across six different continents, employs 170,000 people around the world and, in 2015, it posted revenues of $7.7b. By implementing our managed workforce, Wipro can ensure that its clients’ IT systems and technical projects are able to run smoothly at all times.

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Our workforce will span their multiple global locations to ensure coordination between teams

Our managed workforce solution enables global businesses to simplify their resource planning and management strategies by providing a single, on-demand workforce to suit their exact needs. It will allow Wipro’s clients to operate with greater flexibility, without having to worry about having the right skills available to carry out the work. Our workforce will span their multiple global locations to ensure coordination between teams.

Global brands benefit from teams that are made up of smart, forward-thinking professionals that are fully trained, vetted and security checked. Once the companies’ teams have been sourced and implemented, ESP will fully take care of the management side of things – tracking employees’ attendance, remotely monitoring the teams’ progress and installing management tools to automate time-consuming operational management tasks.


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