ESP provides The International Baccalaureate with a desktop-focused support to meet Stefanini IT solutions’ requirements

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Our client

Working in partnership

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is an international organisation that offers education programmes to students across 146 countries. ESP delivers IT support to IB and its software provider, Stefanini IT Solutions, at its Buenos Aires site and, most recently, at its site in Singapore.

Their challenges

Global support requirement

IB had undergone management changes within its IT department, and as such, needed an expert managed workforce solution to help it meet new demands.

Both IB and Stefanini were pleased with the support provided by ESP at the Buenos Aires site, which is why they turned to us for help with providing support for the Singapore site.

ESP’s bespoke IT solution

An IT provider you can trust

Our managed workforce solution enabled us to recruit a specialist team to meet the needs of both IB and Stefanini. When we initiated our onboarding recruitment process, we kept both parties fully involved so that we could be sure our solution worked for everyone.

ESP Case Study: Stefanini International Baccalaureate

Another great outcome

Partnership to ensure project success

Our managed workforce offering combines both strong technical skills and soft skills. As a result of our support in Buenos Aires and Singapore, Stefanini is seeking to extend our contract in these locations.

ESP Case Study: Stefanini International Baccalaureate

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